News March 12, 2018

Small Center Welcomes New Director

We are excited to announce that Ann Yoachim will be joining our team as the new Director.

As an educator, scholar and administrator, Ann has more than 15 years of experience building partnerships across campus-community boundaries and supporting meaningful change.  Much of Ann’s work falls at the intersection of design, equity and ecology.  She is focused on facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and shaping built, natural and social environments that impact health and wellness.  Trained as a researcher, Ann holds a Master of Public Health degree from Tulane University as well as an environmental studies and political science degree from Dickinson College. Recently, Ann investigated the overlap in these areas of expertise and their convergence with design as a Loeb Fellow from 2012-13 at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Throughout her career, Ann has manifested her desire to advocate for the underserved and has combined her research training and community advocacy sensibilities.

We are excited to welcome Ann back to Tulane University and the City of New Orleans.  We at the Small Center are excited about the new dimensions Ann brings to the team and look forward to working with her to expand the vision of the Small Center.

In her role as Director, Ann will steward the close collaborations the Center has enjoyed with other Tulane departments, local and national peer institutions, government agencies, community-based organizations, local design practitioners, as well as local and national funders and donors.  As Director Ann will also work in collaboration with the Center’s Advisory Council and the Center’s Faculty Advisory Group to identify and pursue programmatic opportunities, local and national strategic partnerships that benefit the community and the School of Architecture, and will be the public voice for the Center.

We look forward to introducing Ann to our collaborators, supporters, colleagues and students starting this spring!