Our Story

The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design is the community design center of the Tulane School of Architecture.

We operate at the intersection of design and civic engagement. We contend that innovative solutions to the most pressing problems facing our community lie in giving voice to residents. Our partner organizations bring their project ideas to us, and we bring our design expertise to bear in collaboration, supporting New Orleans residents in imagining and pursuing projects that strengthen neighborhoods and contribute to a city shaped by its residents.

Our Values

We believe in the public necessity of design and its broad and popular access to all citizens. We understand the constraints under which our partner organizations operate, where time, specific expertise, and funding limitations can prevent them from engaging in design and planning practices. We understand the constraints under which the city and developers operate that can prevent them from engaging the community in design efforts. We know how to bridge those constraints to serve as a catalyst for creating sustainable communities. Moreover, we are creating a blueprint for best practices in developing projects that align with broader community goals and vision. To view our Strategic Plan, created in 2015, please click here.