Emilie Taylor Welty

Interim Director & Design/Build Manager
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Emilie brings experience and praxis in the making and teaching of design. She is a leader in the design/build field, and at Small Center, she focuses on teaching students how to be better designers, makers, and citizens. When she’s not wrangling Small Center’s Design/Build studios, Emilie helps provide structure, schedule, and nifty graphics for all the other projects we’re working on. Emilie’s wordy titles include Professor of Practice at Tulane School of Architecture, Interim Director of Small Center, and Design/Build Manager at Small Center, but she prefers to think of herself as a Doer of Things. A native of southern Louisiana, Emilie knows the difference between Cajun and Creole and is adapted to our humid swampland.

Emilie’s side hustles include: Principal at Colectivo



Recent Awards + Publications

2017 Barbara E. Moely Service Learning Teaching Award

Tulane University Center for Public Service

2017 Malcolm Heard Award for Excellence in Teaching

Tulane School of Architecture

Speaker, Symposium on Community Engagement / Affordable Housing

Dallas Architecture Forum and UTA College of Architecture

Leader, Design Build Workshop

2017 ACSA Annual Meeting, Detroit

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