A.L. Davis Park

Small Center created a visioning booklet for A.L. Davis Park that re-envisioned its role as a gathering and recreational space in Central City.

Project Dates

July 2010–December 2010


A.L. Davis Park, formerly known as Shakspeare Park, is located at the corner of Washington Avenue and LaSalle Street in Central City, New orleans. Directly across the street from the former Magnolia / C.J. Peete Public Housing Development, the park holds extensive historical and cultural significance within the context of the neighborhood and the city, but in recent years has lost value as a community amenity due to the lack of funding, maintenance, and an associated growth in violent crime.

Small Center Engagement

Small Center produced a visioning booklet to envision development of an infrastructure at A. L. Davis Park that allows for and invites specific recreational and civic functions. To see the finished booklet, please click here.


New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative

  • Una Anderson
  • Nina Feldman

Urban Strategies, Inc.

  • Linda Pompa

Harmony Oaks Neighborhood Association

Team Members

Project Lead

  • Cordula Roser Gray


  • John Nelson
  • Allison Powell
  • Guan Wang


  • Scott D. Bernhard
  • Dan Etheridge
  • Alison Popper
  • Emilie Taylor Welty


  • Johnson Controls, Inc.