The Louisiana Universities Resilient Architecture Collaborative (LURAC) brings together six professional design programs across five universities to share their research and design work across disciplines, towards more informed future practitioners and a more resilient Louisiana.

Project Dates

August 2018–Present


LURAC aims to “weave together” architects with other resilience specialists to develop a clearer knowledge of the challenges to resilient buildings and community form, processes to develop and implement design solutions at the neighborhood and community scale, and implementable best practices disseminated through professional networks in Louisiana and beyond.

Small Center Engagement

Small Center facilitates the participation of the Tulane School of Architecture within the LURAC network, participating in faculty leadership activities and serving as co-project leader alongside LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio and Lowlander Center. Each semester, 6 programs within five universities share their work digitally and in person to facilitate greater understanding across disciplines and institutions and promote resilient design within planning, architecture, and landscape architecture projects.

Partner Organization

LURAC is a partnership between LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, Small Center, and Lowlander, with primary participation from 6 programs at five institutions:
Louisiana Tech University School of Design
Tulane School of Architecture
University of New Orleans
LSU School of Architecture
LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture
University of Louisiana at Lafayette



LURAC uses a website to share its work, an internal student network to facilitate inter-institutional communication, and faculty and student summits that serve as retreats, venues for co-learning, and more.



Participating Faculty

  • Alessandra Jerolleman, Lowlander
  • Shirley Laska, Lowlander
  • Kristina Peterson, Lowlander
  • Pasquale de Paola, LA Tech
  • Jeffrey Kruth, LA Tech
  • Kari Smith, UL Lafayette
  • Kentaro Tsubaki, Tulane
  • Charles Jones, Tulane
  • Nick Jenisch, Tulane
  • Traci Birch, LSU
  • Mark Boyer, LSU
  • Mary Bergeron, LSU CSS
  • Kris Palagi, LSU
  • Brendan Harmon, LSU
  • Robert Holton, LSU
  • Marla Nelson, UNO
  • Fallon Aidoo, UNO

Team Members

Project Leads

  • Nick Jenisch (Project Manager)


  • Shanelle Reese


  • Jose Cotto
  • Donn Peabody
  • Emilie Taylor Welty
  • Rashidah Williams
  • Ann Yoachim