Recharge NOLA

New Orleans faces a host of water management challenges, from the scale of coastal restoration to neighborhood flooding. Small Center worked closely with Recharge NOLA to create dynamic, graphic educational panels for use in its public workshops.

Project Dates

January 2019–May 2019


Water management is the pressing issue of our time in Southern Louisiana. Recharge NOLA helps individuals understand the enormous scope of the issue while focusing on what individuals can do on their own properties to help. By hosting educational workshops with hands-on activities including making your own rain barrel, Recharge facilitates a greater understanding of water management issues amongst kids and adults alike.

Small Center Engagement

Our project team worked with Recharge to conceive of new ways to convey educational information about water management. Recharge uses a mobile trailer to transport rain barrels to educational workshops throughout the New Orleans metro area. Using the trailer as a base, or “stage,” we worked collaboratively to design educational boards that would attach to the trailer in order to facilitate interactive rain barrel and water management workshops at pop up events across the city.

Partner Organization

Recharge NOLA‘s mission is to promote citywide rainwater harvesting through self-sustaining social enterprise networks that act to strengthen neighborhood ties, increase community capacity, and inspire civic and ecological responsibility.  Recharge offers homeowners assistance in constructing and installing rain barrels on private property. They also offer A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Simple Rainwater Harvesting which provides clear instructions for hands-on interventions to manage water around your home.



The team created, edited, and fine tuned colorful, educational panels for use in Recharge’s workshops. The panels are being used at sessions across the city to both frame the larger water management problem and explain the specifics of rain barrel installation.



Recharge NOLA

  • Hilairie Schackai

Team Members

Project Leads

  • Nick Jenisch (Project Manager)


  • Chewys Parra Paulino


  • Jose Cotto
  • Donn Peabody
  • Emilie Taylor Welty
  • Rashidah Williams
  • Ann Yoachim