Terrytown Neighborhood Revitalization Study

Small Center worked with the Jefferson Parish Planning Department, Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO), Terrytown Civic Association, and other partners to explore means of neighborhood revitalization through improvements to housing stock. The study considered financial and regulatory incentives paired with contextual designs for both renovations and newly built homes.



Project Dates

November 2018–November 2019


Terrytown was the first planned development in Jefferson Parish, beginning in 1960 with 15 model homes and marketed as low-cost in an effort to attract young families to the community. Cost savings came from standardization of key elements, affordable land costs, and modest house sizes. Common to the era, Terrytown’s homes were designed in the style now known as “Mid-Century Modern,” which followed the International and Bauhaus movements and was widely adapted in America as post-WWII suburbs boomed due to the GI Bill and other factors. As in many inner-ring suburbs, Terrytown faces aging and in some cases outdated housing stock. This project represented an effort by the Parish, in partnership with residents, to address the challenges of an aging yet historic neighborhood.


Small Center Engagement

Small Center worked with JEDCO and the Parish Planning Office to design and conduct a series of 5 public engagement meetings throughout 2019, keeping Terrytown residents involved and updated as the process of crafting housing designs and regulatory incentives proceeded. Residents participated in a visual preference survey, interactive design discussions, online surveys, and one-on-one discussions about design options for housing and landscaping, including water management through green infrastructure. Small Center also engaged with the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors and the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans to better understand the motives behind recent sales and the costs associated with common renovations in the area.

Partner Organization

Small Center staff has worked with Jefferson Parish Planning on a number of previous projects under the guise of the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center, including neighborhood planning efforts, design review, and design guidelines. The Parish and its leadership has continued to promote progressive planning practices to encourage biking and walkability, preserve value for homeowners, and promote design excellence in public spaces and private development.



The Terrytown Neighborhood Revitalization Study Strategic Plan document provides a suite of tools and resources for private citizens, public officials, and supporting organizations and industries such as civic groups, banks, homebuilders, commercial developers, and businesses to improve the housing stock and neighborhood quality of life in Terrytown. Small Center’s design guidelines provide free ideas for renovations and newly built homes appropriate to the historic, Mid-Century Modern context of the neighborhood. The Parish has also committed to building one of the model home designs in 2020.



Terrytown Civic Association

Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission

New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors

Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans

Team Members

Project Leads

  • Nick Jenisch (Project Manager & Design Lead)


  • Katelin Morgan
  • Collin Moosbrugger
  • Dana Elliot


  • Jose Cotto
  • Donn Peabody
  • Emilie Taylor Welty
  • Rashidah Williams
  • Ann Yoachim

Special Thanks

  • Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng
  • Councilman Ricky Templet
  • Lynda Nugent-Smith
  • Sergio Padilla

Press and Awards

Pilot program aims to update 1960s housing stock in Terrytown