News January 16, 2018

Design As Protest Workshop Convenes Makers, Doers

To honor Dr. King’s legacy, Bryan C. Lee Jr. and Colloqate Design hosted the second annual Design as Protest workshop as a part of Small Center’s current exhibit, Sites of Resistance: An Exploration of the Geographies and Histories of Social Change in New Orleans.

During the workshop, six different teams collaborated to answer core questions at the intersection of social justice and design, varying from education to making City Hall more accessible, through sketches, models, diagrams, and writings. The resulting renderings, imagery, and writing might be used both locally and nationally, drawing broad attention to the challenges we collectively face and the potential for just solutions.

Sites of Resistance works to reframe a dominant narrative that has obscured New Orleans’ historical role as a site of intense organizing, legal strategy, labor struggle, and civil rights activism. By elevating lineages and spaces of dissent and marginalized stories of inter-racial collaboration, as well as histories of direct conflict and challenge in contested spaces, we hope to reconnect our audience with the possibilities for making change that have been erased from our civic framework.

Curated by our Public Programs Manager, Suzanne-Juliette Mobley, this exhibit and the associated event series are made possible through the generous support of the Surdna Foundation.